For All Your Vineyard And Orchard Seed Requirements

OsGro Seed Services offers growers specialist independent agronomic adive on both inter row cover crops and turf blends. With 10 plus years of agronomy experience in this field we can find the right match of seed to soil, for the ultimate results on your vineyard or Orchard.

We supply customized seed mixes to a number of vineyards and orchards throughout New Zealand. We supply both privately owned on single estate vineyards/ orchards to multinational companies with multiple vineyards/ orchards in multiple regions of New Zealand. We work very closely with a number of organic growers, providing them with a number of beneficial insect cover crop and biomass crops depending on the challenges.

Jeremy has worked in all major grape producing regions in NZ (Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Marlborough and Central Otago) and has a strong understanding of the climates and challenges.

The secret to the future sucess is taking care of a vital part of the growing system – the soil.  A number of vineyards are now sowing inter row cover crops as one way to increase healthy production of grapes with the help of nature.

The are a number of benefits of cover crops including improving soil fertility, nutrient cycling, soil structure, soil stability water holding capacity helps protect the soil from wind and water erosion,  can assist with  regulating vine growth , enhance biological diversity, provide habitat for beneficial insects, and are also very aesthetic when flowering. 

Turf Grass options: Turf Ryegrass, Chewing Fescue, Chreeping Red Fescue, Hard Fescue, Winter Active Fescue, Winter Active Cocksfoot, Mediterranean Tall Fescue

Biomass Crop options: Mustard, Plantain, Oats, Chicory, and Blue Lupis

Beneficial insect crop options: Alyssum, Annual clover, Borage, Buckwheat, Chamomile, Chicory, Blue Lupin, Mustard, Phacelia, Poppies, Yarrow, and Herbs.

Seed is available in custom or standard blends or as a single species.

NZ grown organically certified seed available

Seed can be shipped directly to your vineyard/orchard

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