Seed Multiplication

OsGro Seed Services offers multiplication and production of forage, cereals and vegetable seeds to national and international seed companies, in the Marlborough region.

OsGro Seed Services specialize in offering national and international seed companies small scale seed productions / multiplications, from 10 square metres to 5 + hectares.

Marlborough has a strong history and reputation of seed production especially onions, dating back to the start of the century.

Location and Climate

Marlborough is situated in the top eastern corner of the South Island of New Zealand. Marlboroughs latitude is 41.5 degrees south, where the climate is conducive to high quality seed.

The winter months from June through to August are cool, with over night frosts as low as -3°C and cool days of 10 – 14°C.

The summer months from December through to March are warm and dry, with temperatures averaging 27°C. Extreme days can reach as high as 35°C and overnight temperatures between 12°C and  15°C.

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We have produced a range of forage/vegetable seeds including

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