Research and Development

Osgro seed services are strong advocates of modern science. We believe the future of New Zealand Agriculture is an efficient, sustainable, value added, science-based industry moving away from New Zealand traditional low cost industry.

Our Research and Development programme is an extremely important part of our operation, as we believe this is where we are going to find new technologies and products and process to help our clients further their farming operations

In House Research

As well as working with our research partners we also undertake in house research looking at issue / topics facing our clients such as

Research Partners

At OsGro Seed Services we work with a number of Research Partners looking at topics facing the agriculture industry. Here is a selection of some of the work we are involved on.

OsGro Seed Services worked with FAR (Foundation of Arable Research) in the monitoring of Casebearer Moth in Red Clover.

OsGro Seed Services work with Landcare Research aiming for the introduction of a biological control for HoreHound

OsGro are working in conjunction with Landcare Research and the Marlborough District Council on a research project looking at the control of Chilean Needle Grass and Nassella Tussock.




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