Pasture and Forage Seed

New pastureAt OsGro Seed Service we understand that no two farming operations are the same. Thats why we specialise in offering expert advice about the right product for your farm. Talk to us about our extensive range of seeds and find the right match of seed to soil for the ultimate results on your farm.

OsGro Seed Service is your independent seed specialist, we have access to every variety of seed on the New Zealand market.  We don’t have any of our own seed varieties, this allow us to give you the best unbias advice on what is the right variety for your farm.

At OsGro Seed Service we listen to what you require and demand from a new pasture or forage crop. Every farmer and farm system has different requirements and  feed demands, this is why all seed is custom mixed and coated, this allows us to provide our clients with seed that is going to meet your requirements and feed demands.

At OsGro Seed Services we spend a significant amount of time evaluating new varieties coming onto the market.  We do this by looking at national and local seed trials, talking with seed company representatives and doing our own in house seed evaluation trials. This allows us to advise you with confidence that you are planting the best variety for your situation.

What we offer:

Pasture Seed Mix

Short / Medium Term Pasture


Forage Cereals

Specialist Crops

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