Organics – Eco Pastures

In recent years consumer are now demanding their food is produce in a sustainable environmentally friendly manner, as primary producers we must listen to what the end user wants and adapt to there needs. There is significant compliance and restrictions being place on certain farm inputs by both government and processors, so we will need to look towards pasture that use resources such as water and nutrients more efficiently.

Organic farming practices are more than just farming without the use of conventional fertilizer and pesticides, it is a holistic style of farming where great emphasize is put on the environment, and soil health is a priority.

There are a number of farmers which are not certified organic farmers but are farming in a long term sustainable manner, where they also put great emphasize is put on the environment, and soil health is a priority.

Plant diversity is a key when trying to minimize environmental impact and maximize soil health. Pastures with a number of species can bring the following benefits to your farm

What is the Absolute Pasture Range?

The Absolute pasture range combines the best of modern science, advanced plant breeding and best practice to provide a pasture mix that is going to both benefit grazing animals, your soils and the environment

It is a range of pasture seed mixes with a broad range of multiple pasture species which promotes natural nutrient cycling and reduces fertility leaching. All Absolute Pastures mixes contain deep rooting pasture species that have the ability to remove excess nutrients and provide a range of trace elements to grazing animals.

Both animals and soils prosper from these Absolute Pastures as the contain a high legume content, as this legume provides natural Nitrogen for the soil and other pastures species and protein for the animal.

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