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Sulla – the Forgotten Forage

Sulla is a bi annual forage legume, with high dry matter production potential couple with excellent palatability and forage quality which leads to outstanding animal performance. Sulla is not a new species to New Zealand, there has actually been a significant amount of research done on it by New Zealand universities, and a significant area of it grown by NZ livestock farmers in the early 1990’s, the reason farmers stop planting it was availability of seed, now that issue is resolved. Read More

Lucerne Spraying

Daylight hours are decreasing, and temperatures are dropping meaning winter is not far away therefore we need to start thinking about our winter lucerne spray programme.

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New Cereal Cultivars Offer Farmers Improved Winter Feed Performance

Forage cereals are the mainstay for many farmers winter feed crop, now with the release of MaiMai Ryecorn and T100 Winter Max triticale winter forage cereals are even a more attractive option. Both new cultivars offer superior dry matter production and seedling establishment compared to current cultivars available on the market.

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There is Still Time

There is still time to get your winter feed in the ground, you just have to be selective on what you plant. Farmers have plenty of grass currently, so you can afford to take that under preforming paddock out and put it in winter feed and start the regrassing process.

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Top Genetics Coupled with Great Management a Winning Formula

There is nothing surer than the future of successful pastoral farming lies in farmers becoming more efficient, increasing productivity whilst also becoming more environmentally aware. As farmers you are doing this, over the past two decades the nation’s lambing percentage, and lamb kill weights have increased significantly.

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Investing in the Future of Pastoral Farming

We are pleased to announce Karen McCullum is joining the OsGro Seed Services team; Karen has recently completed her studies at Lincoln University where she completed an Agricultural Science Degree in which she took a range of soil and plant science papers.

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Ensure Success – Reduce the Risk

We all have had a crop failure and its disappointing and costly, so why not reduce the risk of your cropping programme and increase the odds in your favour. There are a number of tools out there to reduce the risk of crop failures.

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What to Plant this Spring

Unsure of what to plant this spring? You really have two options, keep planting what you have been planting in the past and end up with the same result or look outside the square!  See what’s new and what can fit into your system and add real value to your current farming operation.

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Fodder Beet – still the unbeatable winter feed option

Planning ahead for next year’s winter feed crop is probably the last thing on any farmers mind, as most are gearing up for the start of calving or lambing; but planning is crucial. Fodder Beet is potentially the highest yielding winter forage option available to farmers currently.

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Catch Crops Significantly Reduce Winter Nitrogen Leaching

Nutrient management and good environment practices are becoming real issues for New Zealand livestock farmers, not only for the consumer and the general public but also for the long-term sustainability of farming and the surrounding environment.

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Lucerne Spraying – the Earlier the Better

Once again, it’s coming around to that time of year, we are all getting into winter mode, feeding out and moving break fences. Which means we need to start thinking about our winter Lucerne spray programme.

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Is Grass Grub an Issue for You?

Everyone seems to be having an unbelievable autumn this year, feed coming out of your ears. The biggest issue for some is just what to do with this feed and how to convert it to dollars and cents. It’s good for everyone to go into winter with plenty of feed after a difficult couple of seasons for most.
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Forage Cereals Still a Simple Cost Effective Winter Feed Option

Planting forage cereals is a very cost effective option to provide you with quality winter feed; growing cereals on farm has been common practice over many years.

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